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Living the way you like?
From A to Z advice and guidance when buying your property.

Van A tot Z makelaardij makes it easier for you, because we:

Give personal attention:

Personal attention is our primary aim. We know from experience that you will find your desired property even quicker when taking your time to view houses, and also for discussing the findings afterwards. If necessary we adjust your property-needs, because sometimes it takes extra time to create an image of your ideal home, and through us you may visit as many properties you like until you have found your perfect home.

Save time:

When buying property, you will be surprised to see the enormous variety of houses on the market. Van A tot Z makelaardij helps you find the property that suits you and ensure you feel at home.

Do the work for you and identifying possible risks:

We collect and provide essential information about your chosen property. You will also be informed about various transactions, such as prospective long lease conditions, written communication during the bidding process, the deed of purchase and the deed of delivery at the solicitor, up to dealing with potential residence permit, and gas-, light-, and electricity-supply forms.

Following our provision of services you may still have questions on relevant matters to your property, and as such we are more than happy for you to contact us for further advice.

Give financial advice:

Van A tot Z makelaardij will advice and support you when you decide to make an offer on a chosen property. To relieve you as much as possible from any worry and concerns, and with your agreement, we can also carry out the negotiations on your behalf.

If you decide to let us do a search assignment for the complete acquisition package, we charge you a small amount of registration-fee. Aforementioned small compensation will be subtracted on our agent fees if you do buy the property through us.

We will then assist you from the search assignment up until the transference of your property.

Furthermore you can be assured we always negotiate for prices as cost-effectively as possible for your benefit!

Would you like to know more about buying property? Please contact us for a non-committal talk or information!


Are you in need of a high quality, objective assessment report within a short time frame?

With us being an independent and certified NVM estate agent you have come to the right place, since every NVM estate agent also is a licensed surveyor.

We expertly and reliably draw up assessment reports for various purposes. For example, to gain insight in property value for buying or selling, or to gain funding. Other reasons for assessment can be: raising mortgage rates, insurance, partition of joint property and tax purposes.

In case you decide to sell your property with us within 6 months of our van A tot Z makelaardij assessment, we shall deduct the assessment report costs from the total sales fees.

If you want us to do an assessment on your property, please fill out the assessment form on this site.

If you have any questions you can call, or e-mail us.


From A to Z advice and assistance when selling your house or property.

Through training, trade-knowledge and experience, your NVM estate agent knows exactly what to look for when selling your property, and for this reason is well equipped to provide you with all the necessary guidance and advice.

At van A tot Z makelaardij your close involvement in the complete selling procedure is of great importance. Through years of experience we have gained a thorough understanding of buyers´needs, and we can therefore instantly respond to these and, after consultation with you, alter the sales plan accordingly.

We also make adequate preparations for buyers of your property, who will be facing a very large expenditure. With this in mind we feel it is important for them to view your property in a relaxed manner, in order to come to a well informed decision. We accordingly plan our viewing appointments well in advance.

Taking our time for both you and the buyer certainly pays off, as this generally leads to a focussed and swift sale of your property!

Better still: There is no need for you to stay at home. We take care of everything for you!

In case you still have questions after the conveyance of your house you can always contact us. Together we will find a fitting solution.

In addition to our services, van A tot Z makelaardij asks you to pay a small amount of subscription-fee. Aforementioned small compensation will be subtracted on our agent fees if you sell the property through us.

Are you interested in knowing more about selling your property through van A tot Z makelaardij? Then please contact us. We will happily visit you for a personal introduction and non-committal sales advice.


Do You want to (temporarily) rent property?

From A to Z advice and support when renting property.

Looking for property to rent is time consuming and complex. Van A tot Z makelaardij gladly relieve you from these worries by taking on the complete rental procedure for you. Our services can: 

  • Offer you a selection of properties to rent, fulfilling your needs
  • Make viewing appointments
  • Guide you around and advise you on the selected accommodation
  • Provide guidance and advice with drawing up a rental agreement, the financial settlement and then moving into your newly rented property.
  • In short, you can hand over the complete rental procedure to us for peace of mind.

Van A tot Z makelaardij provides you with expert, reliable and carefree support.

You can place a search assignment with van A tot Z makelaardij by paying just a small amount of subscription-fee. Aforementioned small compensation will be subtracted on our agent fees if you rent the property through us.


Van A tot Z makelaardij brings you in contact with the right mortgage and insurance advisor

You do not buy a house on a whim; It is one of the largest expenditures in your life, and buying a house has a large impact on your personal and financial future. Therefore, it is wise to be as thoroughly informed as possible by a mortgage and insurance specialist.

A mortgage and insurance specialist takes many different facets into account, such as your personal circumstances, age, family composition, pattern of spending, insurances, current loans, and expected income.

In addition to interest, others factors such as periods of duration, flexibility and additional circumstances can affect the negotiable loan.

We can put you, free of charge, in contact with an expert, reliable, and independent mortgage and insurance advisor. This specialist will provide you without obligations an insight into your financing possibilities, and like us, works on a personal basis.